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Hyre Biz Solutions caters to the needs of  online and offline businesses organizations and individuals who are seeking increased revenue. We offer the best business tools, Fundraiser and income opportunity the world has ever seen.

 Whether or not you have a business or you are considering starting one we can help you to do the same. We can also help you to set up your Non-Profit organization and apply for your 501 (c(3 status.



Online Mall Placement for Your Business.

Internet Shopping Mall Technology

OurGV.Biz has the capability of customizing and co-branding one of the most advanced online shopping platforms in the world today. Within seconds you can have a test version online with over 1600 different stores, such asWal-mart, Home Depot, Target, Best Buy, just to name a few. Within a few days we can have this shopping mall branded as if it was your own. For many businesses this represents the first time they have been able to successfully monetize their websites.

And for as little as $30/month we will place your business in the mall where thousands of affiliates worldwide shop daily. This means more traffic and sales for your business.



*Branded Home Page/Mall Placement




The OurGV Online Shopping Mall Technology represents an incredibly stable, secure, and safe way for your customers, to shop online at all of the most popular stores they are used to shopping at anyways. The powerful range of technology solutions we provide allows you to offer cash rebates, non-profit fund raising, powerful comparison shopping technology and so much more. These value added services instantly make your website a profit center for your business, as well as a true destination site for your clients.


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